For instance, you need to select a security provider for Libya.
Indeed there are many security providers to select from; all advertising their operations in country, but what is the field reality?
How many staff is permanently deployed?
What are the logistical capacities?
What is the real extent of the knowledge of the country considering the cultural local dimension?
Are theses companies really licensed or are they relying on local partners?
What is the capacity of these local partners?
What is the real cost to pay?

The mission of Phoenix Network Ltd. is to assist your overseas security ops by assessing and recommending the adequate security provider.  Possibly we could deploy experts to oversee the implementation, deployment and running of the security ops.

Our team is composed of ex-field operatives of US and European agencies and ex-civil servants of the European Union, all with extended field experience and an extended network of local connections.

We can assist in most countries located in Europe (wider), Greater Middle East, Africa and South America.
Do not hesitate to contact us at info@phoenix-net.com
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